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Originally this society was founded in the name of Academic Society of Physical Education of South & North Koreas in 1995 by the initiative of several physical education professors of South Korea. Couple of years later, mainland China had joined in this society, making its name change into Academic society of Sports & Physical education of China & Korea. It has also included Chinese Taipei, Hongkong, Macau, Far-Eastern Russia & Japan.

Afterward, this name has been changed into International Society of Eastern Sport & Physical Education (ISESPE) while encompassing Pan-Asian Society of Sports & Physical Education, due to inclusion of other parts of Asian regions and also the Western countries.

At the moment of 2015, International Society of Eastern Sport & Physical Education (ISESPE) has faculty & scholar members from more than 65 countries.

Such as South Eastern Asian countries and South Western Asian counties, and Mid-East countries, All of Europe, North &South Americas, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirate, Qatar, Tunisa, Algeria, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Canada, Ethiopia, etc.

Furthermore, Turkey, Romania, Spain, France, Germany, UK, Denmark, Belgium etc., while actually covering more than 65 continents.The objective of ISESPE (regular conference special workshop) is to encourage exchange co-research among members & to provide convenient platform for network people on the cross-cultural & comparative basis regarding sport & physical education-related topics.

Our society encourages mutual invitation for in-depth discussion on certain topics, while providing stay convenience by the host people.

Our society also recommends special conference held by any member’s initiative. The most important approach method in our total operation is to try to provide tender loving care for our network people in the aspects of finance & invitation matters.

Until now, we have done 26 conferences with success.

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