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International Journal of Eastern Sports & Physical Education
* Vol. 7 No.1 (Oct. 2009)  
* Vol.6 No.1(Oct.2008) * Vol.5 No.1(Oct.2007)
* Vol.4 No.1(Oct.2006) * Vol.3 No.1(Oct,2005)

Vol.4 No.1(Oct.2006)
1 Traditional games: A joker in modern development Henning Eichberg
2 Sportization of body. Notes for a research programme Nicola Porro
3 Paralympic success as a measure of national social and economic Ian Brittain
4 Danish gymnastics and sports culture in North America Lise Warren Pedersen
5 Politization of the Body, Sportsman Body Olcay Canbulat
6 Interdependence between stress and muscle strength Bujak Zbigniew
7 A Research of the Standardization of Social Surveys Concerning Lu Yuanzhen
8 A Study on Sports Teaching Method of Ordinary University Sun Lan
9 "Turnfahrt (Wandern)" in 1818 and Nationalism Tokuro Yamamoto
10 The Body and Grass-roots Fascism during World War II Keiko Miyauchi Ikeda
11 Horse-riding in the Recreation and Tourism Kazimierz Obodynski
12 "She's given up to be woman" Mi Young Oh
13 Physical activity as part of health promotion in a work place Kirsten Kaya Roessler
14 The Nation in Movement Henning Eichberg
15 The Exercise - Anti-Aging Connection Karl J. Neeser
16 The study on high jump athletes’ special physical Shen Guangye
17 A Review on 'Hopes and Torments of the Russian Football' Irina Bykhovskaya
18 Effect of Exercise Training on Rat Smoking-induced Shi Da Ling
19 Marketing Information System in Fitness Clubs Chen-Yueh Chen
20 A Political Analysis of the Historical Development Keiko Miyauchi Ikeda
21 A Critical Approach on Examining Parental Influence on Children's Physical Activity Participation Pang On Hei Bonnie
22 Far Eastern Martial Arts in the Perspective of Culture Stanislaw Cieszkowski
23 Gateball as a leisure activity: Satisfaction derived Eva Tsai
24 Fitness and Anthropometric Status of Malay Adolescents Rizal Razman & Jalil A.A
25 Physical Education teachers’ perception of the status Chan Wan-Ka
26 Male Undergraduates’ Attitude towards Women in Sport Wee Eng Hoe
27 The Reflection on Industrialization of Electronic Athletics in China Wang Bo
28 The 19th Pan-Asian Conference of Sports & Physical Education . Chen Ning

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