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International Journal of Eastern Sport & Physical Education (ISSN 2092-8211) aims to do comparative & cross-cultural approach in all major fields of sport, physical education, leisure, health, etc.

Pan-Asian Journal is being suspended, due to promoting of International Journal.

Paper submission in english (made by MS Word) is possible all the year on rolling basis.

Its template does not have strict regulation.Eastern & Western comparative approach, based on dominant western knowledge of those fields, is highly recommended, while welcoming local & regional case studies by either quantitative or qualitative methodology.

This Journal has key editors from China, South Korea, India, Japan, Denmark, Australia as the main base.

There are also regional editors from Islamic countries, Europe, Americas, Africa, Oceania, Russia.
At this moment, International Society of Eastern Sports & Physical Education (ISESPE)
has faculty & scholar members from more than 65 countries.

International conference & special workshop by ISESPE are also being held on yearly basis.

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