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 The dialogical body - relativity of the body

There is nothing elementary or simple in bodliy movement, neither in running, jumping or throwing nor in pull or tug. The body is not at all simple, but a field of tensions. Body knowledge is marked by the tension between its objective dimensions (the It-body), its subjective dimensions (the I-body) and its dialogical dimensions (the You-body).

Bodily learning does not primarily go the way of applying general and explicit rules to a particular practical situation, but in a mimetical flow from body to body, by implicit learning. Bodily learning is a dialogical process between master and apprentice.
The living body is neither sufficiently described as objective nor as subjective, but includes a third: the relational - and relative.

Bodily movement Since the 1980s, the body has received a new attention.
Sociality inside the body

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