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 The body as a field of contradiction

Bodies in plural and variety - this does not only mean harmony, but also conflict and contradiction. Body culture does not only promote integration and social inclusion, but also rebellion and subversion.

The study of body culture is political. The modern production of results by sport is open towards totalitarian anthropomaximology - producing freak circus plus pedagogy, mortal engines and the prosthesis body of the future. This provokes a quest of alternatives. Body culture confronts with political choice. And games are not only fore-runners nor side-pieces, neither marginal relics nor just supplements of sport, but also alternati-ves. There is contradiction in the field of body and sport.

The attention to contradiction and conflict stands in the tradition of dialectical thinking. This has, however, too often lead to ideas of dualistic antagonism, to either/or. If the dualistic trap shall be avoided, attention has to be directed towards the third in contradiction, towards trialectical relations.

Inter-body and inter-humanism At a closer look, the human body is always related to bodies in plural. The study of movement culture reveals - like the human navel - that the human being is not alone i
Reification of the body - and critical theory

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