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 Space and place of the body

Bodily display and movement is always part of a spatial markation. Bodily activities may be related to indoor or outdoor milieux, they may require specialized facilities or rise in a bodily opposition against existing standardized facilities, against the ?sportscape?. In movement, straight lines are confronted by mazes and labyrinthine structures. The "nature" of body culture can be a world of liberation and opposition, a strategy of colonization and simulation (the second nature) or even a world simulating simulation (the third nature). The study of body culture has always a dimension of cultural ecology.

The cultural ecology of movement leads towards a distinction between space and place. Spatial structures can be described in coordinates and choreographies, they can be standardized and transferred from place to place. The place, in contrast, is unique - only here or there. Locality is related to identity. Space and place may clash in societal practice.

Historical method - bodily change
The people and bodily democracy

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